Symmetrical rectangular room with mirrored front and side walls for students to monitor positioning, movement & alignment

  • Ballet barres at 3 heights (30”, 36”, 42”)

-Dense re-bond poly urethane, open cell foam, bonded to 18 ounce traditional Tatami textured vinyl surface

-Shock-absorbing floor which supports movements which can be joint-sensitive, reduced stress on body and less risk of injury

-Water proof, non-absorbant, non-slip, resistant surface

-Specially designed to allow for moisture evaporation, prevention of fungi, mildew & bacteria growth

-Odorless….yes, odorless

-Easy cleaning & maintenance

  • Heating & Humidification

-Hybrid system of gas heat to a minimum set point, supplemented by Enerjoy radiant heat panels   

-State of art humidification system

-4 zones of temperature/humidity control to accommodate student preference & comfort in the hot room

-Continuous fresh air



  • 4 showers (women), 3 showers (men) along with changing space

  • Open cubby & lockable storage

  • Relaxation area

  • Treatment room

  • Available for rental fee:  Yoga mats & towels, shower towels

  • Available for purchase:  Water, coconut water, retail items